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woodhouse eaves

May 2016

If you’re building for the top end of the housing market, every detail of a home is going to be subject to the closest scrutiny. Nottingham-based developers Willmark Homes knew when they set out to build eight luxury properties with landscaped gardens on a five-acre site in a historic Leicestershire village, that extra attention would be given to the exterior facade of the houses. Nestling on the side of Beacon Hill in the Charnwood Forest near Loughborough, the existing buildings in and around Woodhouse Eaves are renowned for being built in a traditional local stone that has made the village one of the most desirable in the county.

Willmark Director Ian Jowett explained the importance of getting the external finish right:

“Swithland slate is used extensively in the local vicinity so the stone we used had to blend in seamlessly with the existing buildings in the surrounding area. The planners’ requirements were very specific, and finding the right stone facade to satisfy them was a key part of the job.”

Bryan Webster, whose firm installed the cladding on the new houses continued:

“One of our team had seen a Swithland slate on Taylor Maxwell’s Stonepanel stone cladding system in their Nottingham showroom. I knew that it was going to be much better for the job than the actual stone itself due the potential efficiencies in both cost and time - it is much easier to install.”

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