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July 2016

When a client uses your product again on their very next project and the planners cite it as the example to follow, you must be doing something right. That is exactly what happened when Taylor Maxwell supplied the generix stone cladding system for a £12.5 million build in a historic part of Edinburgh...

Building in a conservation city requires extremely sensitive design. When CAG Architects set about designing Shrubhill, 7000m2 of student accommodation and retail space on the hillside where Edinburgh slopes down to meet Leith, they had to take into account the rich and diverse architectural and cultural heritage of the district.

Architect Gregor Small explained the thinking that went into the design of the new building on Leith Walk - the main artery linking Edinburgh and Leith: “It’s an interesting, quite bohemian part of the town with an eclectic mix of buildings and shops. It has its own character and a lot of people have lived there all their lives.

Shrubhill itself is predominately ground plus 4 storeys in elevation, and we designed it to be similar to the sandstone tenements existing in Leith. The building descends as Leith Walk steps down and the individual façade widths of the blocks replicate those of the tenements.

We went for that look as the primary purpose of the building is to be a domestic property for students.”

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