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jesmond 360

September 2015

70’s architecture is rarely known for being easy on the eye - Jesmond 360 - formerly Eaga House, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was no exception.

The five-storey, 70,000sq.ft. former office building stands tall in a large commercial estate at the North East corner of Newcastle City Centre. As part of a long-term project to breathe new life into the site, the building was recently converted into a multi-use leisure and residential development at a cost of around £10 million.

One of the first things to go was the 70s-style concrete exterior that clashed with the building’s surroundings. Taylor Maxwell were brought in to provide a stylish, practical solution in the form of an innovative and easy to install Metal Rainscreen Cladding System. This, in conjunction with brick slips cut from handmade bricks, has given the building a much-needed facelift.

It was vital that Jesmond 360 — formerly Eaga House had a new look that would attract shoppers to the commercial development, and be homely and modern enough for those who would live in the upper-floor apartments. Finding the right exterior to meet this demand was a challenge, so senior architect Stephen Richardson of Plus Three Architecture called in a local contact at Taylor Maxell. Stephen said: "I’ve worked with Taylor Maxwell for a number of years and I know that when I’m looking for a solution to a particular design issue, I can count on them to come in and provide me with different options. In this case, using the combination of brick slips and metal cladding made perfect sense. Previously, the exterior of the building was very grey and dark – it felt quite foreboding. Thanks to the cladding, the building now has warmth and style which is exactly what we were trying to achieve."