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brick kiln lane

September 2016
Client: Wrekin Housing Trust
Artist: Rodney Harris
Main Contractor: Galliford Try

Brick Kiln Lane, Telford

How has Galliford Try creatively utilised brickwork on their new development, for Wrekin Housing Trust, to pay testament to the previous 200 years of brickmaking on the site?

When Galliford Try was commissioned by the Wrekin Housing Trust to redevelop the old Brick Kiln Lane site on the outskirts of Telford, it seemed appropriate that the rich industrial heritage of the site be recognised.

The former brickworks site has a history of brick and tile production that dates back to the late 1700’s, and more recently became home to Ibstock’s Telford brickworks. To commemorate the importance of the site to the local community, the developer appointed Bristol-based artist Rodney Harris to create two very unique brick panels that would depict scenes from the brick making process over the ages. The smaller panel is a facsimile of a traditional brick maker’s barrow that spans 9 courses of brickwork, and the second larger panel, measuring more than 1.5m high and 2m wide, depicts a colonial style brick maker’s apron and tools.

The distinctive designs were created and carved from special blocks, hand-made by Ibstock using Cattybrook Red Clay in Grainger Antique and Hollington blend finish. The blocks were created oversized to allow for the 20mm carve-back required to create the different projecting designs, and took Mr Harris eight months to complete.

Each of the brick panel designs have been installed in prominent positions on site to ensure that they are easily visible to all entering the new estate of 72 new family homes and apartments. These distinctive and significant memorial panels will forever remember the historical importance of this once thriving industrial site.