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brick awards 2015

November 2015

City Park West – Innovative Use of Brick & Clay Products

This urban development in Chelmsford is a fine example of clay brick used in an innovative manner which adjoins the nearby brick rich railway station. The development is holistic in its use of clay, both as a landscape and as a façade material. This scheme is truly innovative in that it takes a blended modern product in conjunction with the Corium slip system and uses the brick in a vertical manner as a contrast with the traditional load bearing bricks which surround it.

The development has taken a risk in using this innovative system as the twin blocks float on the glass podium. The innovation reduces weight and the linear bricks give a verticality and interest that could not be achieved using traditional brickwork.

Comments from Brick Development Association judges (BDA)

Laurieston – Best Urban Regeneration Project

This rebuild of the Glaswegian Tenement is an immensely successful example of high quality social housing. Tied to its surroundings and adjoining stone raised railway track, the dark blended brick reflects the history of its location. The building provides private external balconies protected by the deep reveals giving both light and privacy.

The building is bold with a strong parapet level providing a picture frame giving a real character to this building. The judges felt that this project had transformed the local area.

Comments from Brick Development Association judges (BDA)