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arts university, bournemouth

September 2016
Architect: Design Engine Architects
Main Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Sub Contractor: GP Masonry Contractors

Arts University, Bournemouth

Artistic impression becomes a reality for the Student Services Building at Arts University Bournemouth

How did Design Engine Architects create an award-winning, simple and flawless brickwork façade, without lintel intrusions, whilst combining an existing two-storey building and a new extension?

The new scheme at Wallisdown campus is an integral part of the Arts University Bournemouth’s (AUB) masterplan development. It required the conscientious integration of the new two-storey Student Services building with existing spaces, to establish a striking new approach to the campus.

With Taylor Maxwell’s assistance from the outset, Ibstock’s Chailey Stock facing bricks were selected for their red sand-faced colour with dark contrasts, to compliment the brickwork of the existing municipal style buildings. The accompanying mortar choice was critical for tying together the traditional brickwork and the new dark-grey finish window frames and cladding panels. Large sample mortared panels were produced, courtesy of Ibstock & CPI Euromix, to assist Design Engine with their selection and facilitate their vision for the project.

Furthermore, TM assisted both Design Engine and Supply Chain partner Morgan Sindall with the meticulous integration of the matching Ibstock-Kevington structural underslung brick soffits. The inclusion of this product made it possible to use deep reveals and expose brickwork soffits with a consistent and cohesive detailing to the brickwork elements. This meant that the simple and flawless brickwork façade could be maintained, without the usual lintel intrusions. The resulting brickwork façade from brickwork contractors GP Masonry, is both durable and robust, and contributes to the exceptionally high thermal performance of the external envelope, designed to target ‘Passivhaus’ environmental performance standards.

Utilising both traditional brickwork and contemporary building methods, the project partners have achieved a flawless integration of the new and existing facades. The prominent new Student Services building at AUB is now suitably representative of the institutes creative, innovative and artistic agenda, and unites an evolving campus.