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Italy, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, France…

We travel Europe to find some of the best kiln dried oak suppliers and can therefore offer great quality in all grades.

We can offer full or part loads direct from the supplier or by the pack from our stock. We aim to offer all of our KD European Oak FSC® Certified.

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We specialise in the lower grades of American White Oak, for applications such as flooring, skirting, doors and furniture.

We offer a large amount of our stock ripped to width to save you time and money.

COMSEL and Rustic grades make for floors and joinery with great character. From 4/4 through to 8/4 and 5” through to 12” ripped to width, we offer a great range of sizes.

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From France and across Europe.

The French have a rich tradition in sawing Green Oak and our supply partners are family businesses with generations of history, knowledge and Skills.

We are able to satisfy the demands of high end Oak Frame suppliers and offer value for money by matching our customers needs with the appropriate material.

We can offer QPA/QP1 grades and D30 graded material. Beams can be offered with PEFCTM or FSC® certification in lengths up to 16m, we specialise in orders cut to your list.

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We work very closely with a trusted supply network from across France and Europe, ensuring our customers receive consistent quality and service.

We can offer standard dimensions or sleepers cut to your specific sizes. We supply a product that is suitable for the application and are able to match your requirement from selected mills.

PEFCTM certification is available on direct loads and from our packs in stock.

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