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oxford 14/2.5
Grade: Family
Rustic A (3-strip)
Finish: UV Oiled
UV Matt Lacquered
UV Satin Lacquered (3-strip)
Surfaces: Brushed

A range of FSC Certified Natur, Family & Rustic Grades, engineered boards in 1 and 3 strip.

Constructed from 100% natural wood, making it suitable for use in conjunction with most underfloor heating systems. The Oxford product is quick and easy to assemble using the click system.

20 year Manufacturers Warranty.

oxford-white-stain oxford-latte oxford-amaretto oxford-brushed-matt-lac oxford-matt-lac oxford-almond oxford-brushed-oiled oxford-oiled oxford-espresso oxford-3-strips
Spec. sheet

/oxford white stain

oxford-white-stain oxford-white-stain oxford-white-stain
Spec. sheet

/oxford silver latte

oxford-latte oxford-latte oxford-latte
Spec. sheet

/oxford amaretto

oxford-amaretto oxford-amaretto oxford-amaretto
Spec. sheet

/oxford brushed & uv matt lacquered

oxford-brushed-matt-lac oxford-brushed-matt-lac oxford-brushed-matt-lac
Spec. sheet

/oxford matt lacquered

oxford-brushed-matt-lacquered oxford-matt-lacquered oxford-matt-lacquered
Spec. sheet

/oxford almond

oxford-almond oxford-almond oxford-almond
Spec. sheet

/oxford brushed oiled

oxford-brushed-oiled oxford-brushed-oiled oxford-brushed-oiled
Spec. sheet

/oxford oiled

oxford-oiled oxford-oiled oxford-oiled
Spec. sheet

/oxford espresso

oxford-espresso oxford-espresso oxford-espresso
Spec. sheet

/oxford 3-strip

oxford-3-strip oxford-3-strip
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