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Taylor Maxwell League Season 2016-17 - Final Standings

The season has finished and Arsenal finally have something to cheer about. Chelsea failed to claim the double but Conte certainly has them in good shape for next season.

Now let’s get to the roll of honour.

TM Fantasy Football League:

  1. Dale Wells - Bloor Homes
  2. Stephen Bromley - Brommers Bashes
  3. Matt Eaglefield - Lallanas in Pyjamas 1

Company Cup

  1. Linden Homes

Knockout Cup

  1. Alli Bomaye

We will arrange all the trophies and prizes in due course and get a TM rep to deliver them.

That’s it for another season and I’m sure August will be upon us in no time. Man City and Pep have already started rebuilding for next season and I understand Jose is putting pressure on the Man Utd board to bring in some big names. Arsene Wenger has had his meeting to discuss his future so whether he stays, or they bring in somebody new, there needs to be money spent on that team, although as they are not offering Champions League football, this may be a massive task not only to attract big names, but also to retain them. And could it finally be Tottenham’s season or will they struggle as they will be playing at Wembley. All this makes for a very interesting season.

We will be back in touch at the start of August with the next edition of the Taylor Maxwell Fantasy Football League.