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Taylor Maxwell League Season 2016-17 - This week’s latest scores.

The highest scoring teams this week:

  1. Brian Spary (Barrymore’s swimming club) with 132 points.
  2. Matt Eaglefield (Lallanas in Pyjamas 1) with 130 points.
  3. Ian Mathewson (Chetwood the rusty tromboner) with 128 points.

The highest scoring players this week:

  1. Kane who scored 45 points.
  2. Aquero with 26 points.
  3. Heung-Min and Jesus with 20 points each.

In the company cup, the highest scoring teams were:

  1. Hill Building Group with 90 points.
  2. ShawCM with 83 points.
  3. BDW North Thames with 79 points.

We will be back next Monday morning.