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Taylor Maxwell League Season 2016-17 - This week’s latest scores.

The highest scoring teams this week:

  1. Tony Watmore (Torquillian Totties) with 75 points.
  2. Neil McGee (ShrekNUFC) with 64 points.
  3. Alan Gordon, Nigel Toghill and Jack Turvey with 62 points each.

The highest scoring players this week:

  1. Townsend who scored 18 points.
  2. Cabaye with 17 points.
  3. Arnautovic and Zaha who scored 13 points each.

In the company cup, the highest scoring teams were:

  1. M3 with 48 points.
  2. Brims Construction with 47 points .
  3. Gallifrod Try with 45 points.

The semi finals of our Knockout Cup are on!

We will be back next Monday morning.